August 2020

A young woman in the saddle. She is wearing a navy helmet, a face mask, a yellow scarf, and a teal shirt with an illustration of a horse. Volunteer hands are holding her arms.

Dear Neighbors and Friends —

Simple Changes has the once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase our own farm just a few miles from Meadowood. We need substantial donations, partnerships or investments to make it happen. Soon.

After 15 years on the Bureau of Land Management’s property, we are out on September 30. It is our good luck that the perfect farm to keep Simple Changes going strong has just become available. But it won’t last long. Other offers to purchase are already being prepared.

When we think of riders that depend on Simple Changes for exercise, social interaction, and a moment of kindness in a harsh world, we think of Hannah.

Hannah has been riding at Simple Changes for 15 years. She is now 32. Hannah has a great family and a life filled with challenges most of us cannot imagine. The world is not an easy place for her. She was born with cerebral palsy and doesn’t have much use of her arms and legs. She is unable to stand or walk, yet she is able to wander the woods on Reba, under the care and instruction of Simple Changes staff. We are the only place she can do this and it is about to be taken from her.

A young woman mounts Reba with the assistance of her instructor Jenny and two volunteers. Jenny supports her upper back while the volunteers support her legs getting her into position on Reba.Let’s not let that happen to Hannah. Or, Madeline or Danielle, Christopher or Tom. Or any of the people (not just a big group, but single individuals whose lives are going to be adversely affected) who need Simple Changes to find their life of independence and purpose.

We need a down payment to make the purchase happen. Simple Changes is open to any legal means of obtaining the $400,000 down payment by September 30, 2020. Major donations of $25K, $100k or more, stock donations, retirement distributions, investments…. please get in touch with your ideas. We know this is a huge ask but now is the time to give if you possibly can.

We have run the numbers and know that we can pay a mortgage on the property and double our ridership. This is Simple Changes’ chance to help more people grow stronger and independent, to improve more lives.

An arm reaches out to pet Reba. Reba is calm and relaxed.Naming opportunities at the farm are available. Wouldn’t you love to see your name attached to this huge effort to help people with disabilities? Simple Changes at Generosity Family Farm. Lessons are held in the Mr. and Mrs. Empathy Arena.

Let’s break the pattern of taking away opportunities for those with physical, cognitive and emotional challenges. Let’s help Veterans, seniors with dementia, brain injury survivors, children and adults with autism and many, many more have a better life.

Since Friday we have pulled together $75,000 in pledges. We can do this. Please help.

With Gratitude,
Corliss and Jenny

November 2017 – Check out the article on our new equine facilitated learning program for seniors in The Zebra Press. Simple Changes is partnering with Goodwin House in Alexandria to provide residents with the opportunity to enjoy the emotional, social and physical well being that comes from spending time with and learning about horses. Click here to read the article in The Zebra Press.

Zebra Press - November 2017